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Handpainted Circle mandala

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Image of Handpainted Circle mandala

If you would like a specific colour I.e all pink, pink & blue, or blue & lilac etc.. Then just send me an email before to ohabioh@hotmail.com and I can make this happen for you.
This design can be painted onto most phone model cases.
i.e - All iPhone's, Samsung's, HTC etc.
The lines are either black/white depending on the colour of your phone.

For a dark phone i.e black you would select 'white lines' and if you have a light coloured phone i.e white you would select 'black lines'

The design is long lasting due to it being painted on the inside of the case so it is never exposed to scratches and general wear and tear of a case, and the cases are hardly visible when clipped onto the phone.

These phone cases are all handpainted and are very time consuming. Please note that during busy periods that orders can take between 3-4 weeks to arrive.

These phone cases are fashion accessories so be as gentle as you can with them.