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I predominantly specialise in phone case design and this is where the company first started, I then  branched out and started to make and sell jewellery. This was mainly friendship bracelets and chokers. I have most recently started to create my own clothing including two pieces, tops and skirts. I also have items that aren't hand made available to buy from the shop which I will state on the product info whether it is hand-made or not.


All of the phone cases are individually hand painted, some take up to three hours to paint, depending on how intricate/detailed the design is.

The design's can be painted onto most phone model cases, 

i.e - All iPhone's, Samsung's, HTC etc.

The lines are either black/white depending on the colour of your phone- for a white phone, you will need black lines and for a black phone you would need white lines.

The design's are long lasting and the cases are hardly visible when clipped onto the phone.

My main idea behind these cases, was to still show off the phone design underneath, hence why I use crystal clear hard cases. Especially with iPhones, I think that iPhones are perfectly designed and that a lot of phone cases ruin them, so by having one of these cases on your phone, you can still see the apple logo, and the writing on the back of the phone, also the colour and design. 


My jewellery is mainly friendship bracelets , anklets and chokers. I feel that not many shops currently sell this style anklet & bracelet especially, and they are a very popular item on my website.


The styling behind the clothing I sell is focused on my target audience- females between the ages of 16-25. I have younger/older customers but this is my target audience. I mainly sell crop tops and skirts which are incredibly popular with the summer's fashion. I have also focused on selling co-ordinates which I create myself. They are usually one off pieces and there aren't any others like these unless a customer requests.


The company started in 2013 by Abigail Hack in Essex, England. The company has expanded a great deal since it was first officially started and will continue to do so in the next few months.